Friday, May 3, 2013

Downsizing...Next Trend in Housing

As the market is recovering we are seeing nationwide the trend toward downsizing…or the term we prefer…”right sizing.”

Some areas in the US are having a micro-dwelling…new concept for homes that are being built throughout the US.  The most common factor is the size…some homes tend to be less than 500 square feet of living space. And some areas near San Francisco and New York are planning some apartments as small as 300 square feet.

Not sure we Midwesterners could do this but very interesting.

Some of the tiny single-family homes are even portable…hmmm.

Reasons for this shift were given as:

A lower Price tag…cost is significantly less than the standard home which means no large mortgage for 30 years.

More free time…smaller house, less cleaning and wouldn’t that be nice.

Less clutter… if only 500 square feet you will need to get rid of everything (not sure I am there yet, still like my stuff).

Mobility…many tiny homes can have wheels put on or put on trailer, so moving is no longer stressful and expensive…Close the door and go!

Smaller is greener…yes with the energy consumption concern today you automatically reduce energy and you will save money and leave a smaller carbon footprint.

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